About East 

Being raised in New York City fashion becomes apart of your life, from Manhattan to Queens each borough has its own creative and unique style. The true definition of style is a particular, distinctive appearance or character. So, as humans we each have our own style. The importance of this is that it represents who you are; you are your own brand. You are showing the world you as a person consciously or subconsciously, portraying your type of character.
My goal here at anglesxeast is to inspire while showing you the importance of representing your brand in your day to day life. Whether you are working out, grabbing drinks with friends, or heading to work, each outing requires a different outfit and its own confidence.
We have a tendency to give ourselves limits, what we can or cannot wear, eat, drink, or say. By setting these restrictions we become boxed in, only speaking one language. However, with style we can speak as many languages as we would like and begin see the world in many different angles. So, throw on that signature All Saints leather jacket, lace up your go to sneakers, and reach that PR you've been working so hard for. Get out there and do some livin'!
Welcome to the angles of my life.