Good Ol' Sweater Weather

You can tell that summer is slowly fading away. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are becoming cooler. Fall is coming and I am excited. Much like how the leaves change so does the clothing and the textures. Linen becomes cashmere, cotton to wool, jean to leather, and stripes morph into tweed. It is a time to become creative, and layering is key. 


Now it isn't cold enough to break out those parkas or pea coats, (unless you're in New York with its bi polar weather haha) as beautiful as they may be. However there are many different types of sweaters you can layer with; there are v-neck cardigans, shawl collared sweaters, cable knit pullovers, Turtle necks (which might be a favorite of mine to keep warm) and crew neck sweaters, just to name a few. With all of these different options it is important to know how they should be properly layered.

So here are a few tips I have learned. A pull over v or crew neck sweater are perfect layering items for dress shirts and even office attire. They give you that little extra warmth that your suit jacket can't, until that jacket is actually needed.Now, let say you have a more business casual work environment, this is where those chunky cable knit and shawl collared cardigans come in handy. These particular sweaters look great with chinos or jeans and button down and under a lighter weight jacket that maybe cannot keep you warm enough. You can never go wrong with some good fitting jeans and a casual cool sweater, so effortlessly styled... Don't you agree?

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall...

If you're living in a place with warmer climate there are still ways you can enjoy wearing a sweater without actually sweating, especially at night. When shopping buy a sweater made with light fibers. Avoid buying heavy weight 100% wool or cashmere sweater. Light-weight blends with linen or cotton are lighter, cooler and more breathable. You may not get the same texture as a Merino wool sweater but a cotton/linen blend sweater will help you keep your cool and help you stay comfortable. An Alpaca worsted cotton blended with silk produces a soft fabric that drapes well on your body and has a slight sheen that creates a cool summer look. If you hold the sweater up to light – you should be able to see through the weaves, if not it just might be too thick. When combined with other layers, a thin light-weight sweater can be worn across a range of temperatures. Give it a Try!