Falling into Monochrome


Let's start with the basics, black, white, grey, tan, and blue .These are all colors that are staples in our closets. We all have that, perfect pair of distressed black jeans, those classic blue jeans, or that crisp white tee, and if you don't you need stop reading this and run out to your closest Nordstrom and pick up a few of these essentials. One of the biggest trends this summer was a monochrome outfit and it looks like it will be sticking around for fall. Whether that be jean on jean, white on white, (which is always classic), you can never go wrong. 
Now typically a monochromatic outfit could come across boring, (All Black) but that all depends on YOU. So, one of the best ways I like to switch it up is by combing these basic colors, either by breaking it up with a jacket or the shoes. Let's say you're going out to grab a drink and catch up with some friends, something mellow and relaxed. You have a pair of black jeans and a black top but the only black shoes you have are loafers and that doesn't look right but you do have a pair of bright white sneakers you just bought. Throw those on and you've just brought your all black outfit up a notch. By adding this pop of another color you're adding something visually stimulating to the eye, breaking up the colors but still keeping it basic. 


Aloha Ola


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