Healthy Livin'

There are so many benefits to exercising, it can be viewed as some sort of "magic cure". It can help with some forms of heart disease, forms of cancer, prevent and even reverse depression.

My road to fitness didn't happen overnight. New York City is a food haven. From ordering a pancakes at 4am, to the local bodega that makes the best chicken sandwiches known to mankind, and don't get me started on the Chinese food because it is probably made with MSG but you don't care, it's just that good! Needless to say finding food in New York City is never hard. 

The hardest thing on my journey was just staying motivated. Just like everyone else i would wake up and say "today I'm going to hit the gym" and then i found myself on the couch watching episodes of Martin, it never failed. I found out that the more complex fitness was, the easier it became to ignore it. So my key was SIMPLICITY. I started out by cooking more at home,  focusing on lean proteins, such as chicken, turkey, or fish and vegetables. Next step, was just to get moving. Whether that be taking the stairs versus the elevator, taking a workout class before work, or even just running around the block a few times to get you heart rate up, I did it all. Some workouts I tried I hated, certain things I tolerated, and others I loved. I did the gym thing, and felt i wasn't moving as much as i wanted to, and then came crossfit and boxing, and no i didn't lose my GAINS . You have to remember that this road is all a mental game, mind over matter. Some people love that gym feel, others prefer to be outdoors, but as long as you're moving, you're WORKING!  Living a healthy active lifestyle helps build your confidence, and when you are confident you feel good, and when you feel good you look good!


Favorite AB Workout:

10mins, 5 rounds, 2mins each round, 30 seconds each workout

30 sec Full sit ups

30 secs Leg raises

30 secs Double Crunches

30 secs plank

Repeat 5 times!  


NEVER and i mean NEVER skip breakfast. Breakfast helps jump start your metabolism. Many people skip breakfast due to the fact they are rushing or don't have time..MAKE TIME! By not having this first meal you may find yourself hungry later on, causing you to snack on foods with high fat/sugar. Skipping meals will never help you gain those results you want. 

Aloha Ola