Basic Instincts

Having staple pieces in your closet is always key (Essentials). Those classic blue jeans, a black double breast pea coat, white button down, and tan trench coat to name a few. One thing I always love to get my hands on though are traditional items reworked (We all know fashion and trends run in cycles.) Like a blue suit with different colored stitching or this jean jacket with graffiti all over it made by Topman.


This jacket is so different and it is such a stand out piece. It bought me back to my grade school days when i use to draw on my own jeans and get in trouble for it by my parents haha. So with spring here adding more stand out pieces to my closet is what I'm trying to do, like this jacket. Key to this jacket is to not do too much. It brings its own attention. So here I paired my All Saints white linen tee, with tan Banana Republic chinos, and my red high top Converses. I kept it relaxed as I was running errands. Simple but effective!