Above Par

                          Y'all know I love to have a good time and hate to be bored and this past weekend was anything but! I drove down to Orange County to visit some friends so we could enjoy the good ol' california weather , ate some good food, not going lie I have quite a few cheat meals, and played mini golf. I recently purchased this multicolored Hugo Boss short sleeve button down polo. I was really drawn to the color, it is bright yet not blinding. Since we were all over the place and I didn't know where I would end up.  I wanted to wear something that was chill and versatile and that would work no matter the location. This shirt was the center of attention.


So decide to pair this button down with these grey taupe J.Crew chinos and my white (ish) Golden Goose sneakers. Theres a good reason i love the brand Golden Goose, a lot of people seem to not know about the distressed sneaker brand. Most would find it a bit crazy to buy footwear that actually comes run down/distressed but thats the part i actually like. This has been one of my favorite outfits this summer. With it being hot as death all the time, it has been hard to find things to wear, let alone me wanting to wear anything at all!  


As you can see the game got serious fast. I accept all challenges haha