I haven't purchased anything crazy new in quite sometime (if you know me, this isn't a easy thing at all). I’ve been trying to save up for a vacation but when I saw the new 990v2s by New Balance and Concepts were about to drop I knew I had to get them. One thing I have never been afraid of is color and man, this color was crazy different. I only own one other pair and I stopped wearing them for a while because I didn't want to ruin them. So imagine my face when they arrive on my door mat after checking my email for the delivery confirmation all week haha. OMG I forgot how comfortable they are! They feel like little Tempurpedic mattresses attached to my feet. I kept my outfit casual as I was running errands and because the color is so bright I decided to go with neutrals. You know grey and black, ( colors most of us have fallen in love with lately)  making sure the focus was on the sneakers. Now, if you're someone who likes to pair their sneakers with a suit then New Balances are the way to go!


Sneakers ~new balance

Sweat pants ~ Fear of God

Jacket ~ Tommy Hilfiger (custom)