Get To Know Me


First things first, Happy New Year everyone! I hope so far your new year has been going just as you planned. Two weeks into 2018 already and I still can’t believe how fast 2017 came and went. My main focus was to just grow with every opportunity I was given in that year. I think I did well if I must say so myself, but trust my patience was tested on numerous occasions. On my last blog post you guys saw me enjoying the place I call home (sorry its been so long since I blogged, busy busy busy) and that caused me to think, maybe I should share a few facts about myself. This will help with all the questions you guys might have. Which is how the title of this blog came about…. Lets get started



  1. My Name is East… and yes this is my real name
  2. I call only two locations home, NYC and Hawaii (sorry California, not yet) 
  3. I was raised by a single parent, my father. I get my strength and competitive side from him. 
  4. I have 6 siblings, 2 sisters and 4 brothers. I’m close to them all. They are my heart and soul. 
  5. I grew up a chubby kid and didn’t get into fitness until after High School (Now I can’t stop )
  6. I have a Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Marketing.
  7. Fashion wasn’t my first love. I truly enjoyed math and thought I would become a teacher one day. Imagine that haha
  8. My first “fashion” job was working for Tommy Hilfiger. My love for it grew from there.
  9. Im REALLY big on planning things.
  10. I feel like I love fashion and fitness equally (except after leg day lol ) 
  11. I have a large shopping problem! But I’m truly addicted to jackets and shoes.
  12. I grew up with a stutter problem. As an adult I still have to remind myself to slow down when I talk. 
  13. I love whiskey. 
  14. Never smoked a day in my life.
  15. I don’t like coffee, tea is my go to ( kī ) 
  16. I have too many tattoos. Both of my arms are done. I have one on my chest and probably the only one I regret getting (college days smh). 
  17. Favorite cuisines are Italian, Hawaiian , Seafood, and Mediterranean
  18. Favorite season would have to be the Fall. I don’t mind the cold and I love jackets.
  19. Biggest Pet Peeve would be people that forget to use the word thank you!
  20. I was homeless at one point in my life (Many don’t know this). 
  21. I love to cook! Just about anything. I’m known for my lasagna. 
  22. Im terrible with names. I can remember details about a person but I suck at names in the beginning haha. 
  23. Best phase in my life was getting my degree, but the worst was losing my older brother R.I.P
  24. Most embarrassing moment was a moment when I was so drunk. I sat on the bathroom floor trying to convince myself I wasn’t drunk, and my boys had to come get me hahaha.
  25. Deal breaker for me is smoking, I’m not a smoker so that only makes sense. 
  26. Im more spiritual than religious. I grew up with both in my family, father was christian and mother was buddhist. 
  27. When people are around me I want them to always feel like they can accomplish anything and I will push you beyond what you think your limits are.
  28. I dont label many people “friends” this is a title that has to be earned.
  29. Even in this day of age I still believe in marriage.
  30. Last but not least….  Im not scared of death, I’m truly scared of not living. If today was my last day I would be happy with what I was able to overcome and accomplish so far.

I think that answers a lot of the questions I normally receive and a few extra I threw in there. If you have any comments leave them.