Jump Jump Jump

            So i doubt any of my readers were born in the 1700s but maybe you know the great history of the utilitarian overalls. I’ve always just associated jean jumpsuits with the Midwest and farmers but they have evolved from that status. They are now favored by skaters glam rockers and Tupac alike. 


So when I purchased this jumpsuit it sat in my closet for about a couple of months. It took me quite a bit to really figure out how to style them and whenever I’m having this much trouble i tend to always stick to what I know works. Now although I’ve never styled a jumpsuit before they are still jeans, so I thought it best to go classic, jeans and a t- shirt, but I didn't want it to be too plain. So I grabbed a short sleeve white button down and my green suede Tommy Hilfiger slip on sneakers.


The slip on sneakers was able to play off the casualness of the jeans. While the button down give it a easy to wear, everyday look, ready for brunch with some friends. If you know me, you know i love BREAKFAST!!