Summer is only a few weeks away and this California heat doesn't play around. I'm always trying to find clothes that are loose and comfortable for those hot summer days. At first I was a bit skeptical of the kimono. They tend to be boxy, which turns out works in my favor thanks to my big arms, but also I didn't want to look like I stepped out of Jet Li movie. After about thirty minutes of wearing this linen kimono I was hooked! This navy blue kimono from Zara is by far one of the most relaxed fitting and stylish shirt I have ever owned. With these types of pieces its all about the little details, like the Chinese button knots on this kimono. If it had typical flat buttons, the kimono would become a plain and basic, but because the Chinese buttons it brings it up a notch. This time I decided to pair the kimono with these wide leg cropped printed pants from J.Crew. Going with fitted pants or jeans just didn't seem right for this look. The sneakers are by Coach in the color saddle and if you haven't checked out their new collection, i definitely recommend it. They have come a long way from putting all those weird "C's" on their sneakers.