New Growth with Scotch Porter


Okay, so I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… I have never had a beard before! Ive only had a goatee most of  my life, or should I say from my early twenties till the end of August. I had always wanted to grow it out but every time I tried I couldn’t get as far as past a half grain of rice and I couldn’t stop scratching my face so I would just shaved it off. This time though I was determined. I figured if I could get through the itchy phase I can do anything! So within two weeks it was a success! The shape of the beard started to show on my face and outline became thicker.  Since I have never had a beard before I thought I could just wash it like the hair on your head but as I did some research I realized that the hair on you face is more coarse. I was trying every product I could find to keep it soft and smooth, and then I came across this Scotch and Porter, four step beard collection. 



First I’d like to start by saying that if these products didn’t smell good then I wouldn’t even be talking about it, because as you all already know I have a thing about scents, and these products lived up to my picky ways. This beard collection has four steps to it, a wash, a conditioner, a beard balm, and a serum.  I know I know, four steps?! That’s a lot and who has time for all of that! i barely have time to make breakfast in the morning.  So i knew if i really wanted this to work i knew i had to add it to my routine some way and some how. I like to keep the beard wash and conditioner in the shower and when I wash my hair I wash my beard. I instantly fell in love with the wash because it has such a nice lather. Which is one thing I can't stand is when soap doesn’t lather; it just doesn’t feel clean to me when it doesn’t! As I’ve talked about before I have oily skin and the workouts I do typically make we sweat a lot, so washing my face and hair on a daily basis is key. I have started off by using the beard wash 3-4 times a week to help keep it clean and hydrated. After I shave and clean up my beard I take a little beard balm, warm it up in my hands, apply it and brush it into my beard to help maintain any super coarse and curly hairs through the day and keep it looking full. Every other day or every two days I’ll apply the beard serum. This has really kept my beard moisturized, shiny and soft.  Aside from the smell and how smooth and polished my beard has become, all of the products are all natural, which to me is very important because this is something you are putting in and around your face. 



All in all I am super stoked I found this Scotch and Porter four step beard regimen. It has made this growing out and maintaining process so much easier. One thing I know for sure is that it’s all about finding the right products that work for you. As Scotch Porter says “your beard is a reflection of yourself, so make it count”!