New York with Fashion



New York, New York! As you all know I try to go back home at least twice a year, but this trip was extra special for me. I was coming back for Fashion Week! Next to Christmas and New Year Eve, Fashion Week in New York is one of the best times. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to attend the Todd Snyder, Hugo Boss, and Suit Supply show. Now don’t get me wrong I was ecstatic to see what was coming for Autumn/Winter 2019 but what I was really itching to see was how all the attendees would show up and show out for the show. 



It has become some sort of unspoken rule that you must wear your most daring and bold looks for the entire duration of fashion week. The whole city changes, the energy, the ambience and the style. It’s like every street in the city becomes a runway. Even if you aren’t able to see a show in person just walking the streets is inspiration enough even for those who aren’t apart of the fashion world. As a growing Mens fashion influencer my eyes were glued open the entire trip. Just loved to see the new trends that are taking over the runways and the streets. I truly appreciate all forms of expression and fashion can say so much without hearing a word spilled out of another mouth. 



No matter how many times I come back home I am still impressed by the city, buildings, culture, food. Take the New York Public Library, it was just always just a big building on 5th Avenue growing up. After taking a look inside, just so I can get away from the rain, I was amazed by the architecture, the paintings on the ceiling and the décor. Since I have started Blogging, just a little over three years now (WOW!), it has forced me to see everything in a new light and appreciate the things I never used to. My name (angles) has truly become apart of how I view everything! I find it a beautiful part of my growth. Cant wait to see what is next on this journey of mine.

IMG_6247 copy.JPG

Here are 5 reason why I truly believe in style: 

1. Its an expression and extension of who you are. 

2. It tends to change with your mood and occasion. 

3. You can find this form of creativity all across the world! 

4. Trying new things each season can be refreshing and mind opening 

5. style is non verbal but speaks clearly to anyone that views it.