Printed Fun In Your Wardrobe


Excuse me if you have been under a rock or sleeping if you haven't seen how florals, heavy printed, palm trees, and the famous Hawaiian shirt have become a big part of fashion within the last year. These particular shirts often trigger thoughts of dads in their oversized jeans and paired with their bright white socks and new balance sneakers walking in the sand to an overpriced tourist trap luau dinner. So with summer quickly creeping up on us they’ll soon be making their appearances once again. Luckily for us non-dads, and even the “cool “ ones, brands like Topman, Asos, H&M, Paul Smith and even Prada have been taking their spin on what was once a “I’ll never be caught dead wearing that” summer shirt. Summer season is about having fun, BBQing, drinking mai tais, piña coladas, relaxing by the pool, rooftop day drinking and living your best life! 


These shirts tend to come in a boxier more relaxed fit and lightweight fabric which makes them even more perfect for the hot humid summer days and nights. Since these shirts tend to incorporate so many colors this allows for easy styling. If the shirt is more colorful I will wear a more neutral bottom and vice versa. If you’re someone who shies away from brighter colors and palm trees, wouldn't really be your thing you can always opt for a low key geometric print. They can be perfect with a monochromatic unlined suit, this for sure will bring it to life. No matter what mood I am in these shirts will always take me from “where should I go next?” to “Vacation starts now!” I always say have fun with your outfits but at the same time be comfortable. Throw some shades on and even a straw hat if you feel the need to.


Didn't want to over do it with the pictures but there is plenty more on my IG page.