Summer Body Workout

            One thing you guys should know about me by now is that I'm no body builder. Its not always about just lifting weight for me, i mix it up a lot, never allowing my body time to get use to a workout. I swim, run, jump, play tennis, box, etc....This technique has worked for me and it might even work for you, its also probably the reason why I'm sore as I'm typing this. 


Last time i spoke on fitness, i touched on a few things such as motivation and finding it within yourself or your surroundings. This is something i still feel is important to this day. This is also why whenever i get a chance i enjoy teaching and passing on any knowledge i might have gained to help someone else reach their fitness goal. 


Most people are working out hard and wondering why they aren't losing weight. So lets clarify something when i say "weight" because I really mean "fat". Weight loss and fat loss are not always one in the same, so just because your weight may not be decreasing does not mean your body fat isn't decreasing. With that being said here is where most people go wrong. They kill it during the week, meal prep, gallons of water, making sure they eat breakfast, saying no to that piece of cake and the mountain of hot Cheetos. THEN THE WEEKEND COMES and they feel they owe themselves a prize for eating well all week and begin to celebrate. Here comes the pizza, in & Out burgers and 1 or 6 beers with some friends. Once this is done one time, we fall into the "whats the point cycle" i messed up already might as well keep it going and ill start over on monday. The bad thing about this is the amount of frustration it causes us. They work so HARD during the week then lose it all on the weekend. So getting that body we are chasing never becomes a reality. 


The FIX? If i could sell you the ultimate fix, would you believe it works? probably not because there isn't just one "right" way to do things. No one is perfect and you don't need to be perfect during the week nor do you need to be strict during the weekend. So telling you what you don't need isn't what you want to hear. So here is it: YOU need to understand that one "bad" meal does not screw you up, so enjoy yourself. Just get back on track! and i promise you will it come together!!


As good as it is to do isolation work on your muscles it is equally important to incorporate full body workouts into your routine. With this workout I wanted to focus on my entire body and I wanted to do something out in the sun, fresh air. Even though the heat increases your body temperature, i felt it would be a challenge, and we all know I'm always up for one of those. 


This workout included: 


Farmers Carry 

Power Cleans

Strict Pull ups 

2 POOD hold (standing hold with kettle bells)


The Snatches and Power Cleans will work your entire body with the primary muscles being your core, quads, hamstrings and calves and the secondary muscles being your shoulders and upper back. The Farmer's Carry and the kettle bell Holds will work your forearms, grip and core, while the strict Pull Ups use your lats, traps and biceps. This routine works almost every muscle which is key. Remember when working out, it should be challenging but not a death sentence and make sure to stay hydrated! We have fun and got things done!