Tea Vs Coffee

For those of you who don't know, I have pretty much always been a tea guy, and I probably always will be. I do know that most people are coffee drinkers so, I decided to put my taste buds to the test; tea vs coffee: here it goes!


Now trust I'm not about to sit here and convince you to go out and buy a ton of tea bags and coffee beens. I definitely won't tell you which is better for your diet (even though i feel tea is hahaha).


So I heard about this place call "American Tea Room", and found out that you can create your own specialty teas and also saw that i can grab some coffee as well so this was the perfect place to start, so I figured I had to try it! As soon as you walk in, theres a "tea bar" with all different kinds of loose leaf teas, menus and so many samples. I must admit I was in my own little version of heaven, and I didn't know where to begin. So while speaking with the server I told her I gravitate more towards sweet teas. If just something about the taste and smell. She recommended the Bliss and the Jasmine, so I took her word on it. I decided to order the Bliss tea along with a latte.


The tea was so flavorful! I normally like my tea with honey, but the Bliss was sweet all on its own. I know I like tea because of all the flavors it offers and because it can have so many health benefits, but coffee is a different story. No matter what kind of coffee you order, it always has the same underlying flavor and can sometimes make me a little too energetic. It has a kind of bitter taste and I think that's the part I don't care for. So, after tasting the latte and the tea, I came to an unsurprising conclusion: I prefer tea! I can drink coffee, but it needs lots and lots and lots of sugar, and at that point, there's nothing healthy about it!

8 Benefits of tea 


Contains Antioxidants

Less Caffeine than coffee

May Reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke 

Can help with weight loss

May Protect your bones 

Keep your smile bright 

Boost Your immune system

Soothe Digestive system 



8 Benefits of Coffee 

Boost Your physical performance

Help with weight lose

Helps your focus and stay alert

Reduces risk of stroke

Lower risk of Type 2 diabetes 

Fight Depression

Increase fiber intake 

Lowers risk of Alzheimer's