Tennis X Lacoste

As I'm sure you all have realized by now I am a very active person. So when I get the opportunity to try something new, especially within the sports sector, consider the challenge accepted. Since moving from THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD, NYC and being in California I have noticed that tennis is even more popular on this coast.




 A friend and I decided to make a wager to see who could last the longest in a game. Now you know I had to dress the part, because I come to win! After partnering up with Lacoste and Paragon Sports who both have been a staple brand within the tennis world since around the 1930's I knew I was in the right hands when getting my tennis whites. I got this great classic Lacoste polo, a pair of light weight shorts and a Novak Djokovic for Lacoste hat. We had a great time playing and of course I won the bet! I would definitely play again and it's a sport that I think if I practiced more I would really enjoy. 


You can grab a few of these items HERE