What To Wear For The Warm Up

What I love about spring, besides the warmer weather, is no more layers! You can put away those heavy down jackets and start adding pops of color. That is why this is the perfect season to start fresh! When buying new outfits for the spring it is so important to make sure they are complete with accessories, and one key accessory to update is your watches.

Sometimes they can be overlooked but it is an essential piece that helps express your personality and morals. Now a-days, with all of the updated technology and whatnot, adding on a traditional accessory, like a watch, can show a sign of respect for the classics. Just like clothing, watch styles and colors can go in and out of fashion too. This spring we are seeing watches that have a large face paired with a neutral colored textured band. The watch I have on is a wooden watch made by JORD. 


I must admit when I first received my wooden watch I was a bit skeptical. Not because I didn't like it but because the watch was so different from anything I’ve ever had in my collection. After seeing it in person and holding it, I was very impressed. In the picture it looks like it would be heavy to wear, but it's so light! The light tan of the band, which is always a classic for spring and can be worn with almost any color, is due to the walnut wood that it's made of; while the black face gives the watch a certain sophistication. It has become my go to spring accessory. While my default watch is the iWatch, I usually change my watches depending on what I'm wearing, but I have been wearing this wooden one for a few weeks straight now. I really love the versatility of it. I can dress it down for a more relaxed outfit, and then I also have the option to give a classic/professional outfit an edge with this twist on a time-honored accessory. And damn, it looks good on!